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Klercide cleanroom equipment offers a choice of application techniques for applying the Klercide range of alcohols and biocides to larger surface areas enabling a significant reduction in biocide application times. The equipment can be autoclaved and easily moved between cleanrooms. Additionally the Klercide equipment offers compatibility with Klercide alcohols and biocides as well as a choice of innovative options.


Klercide Pressurised Spray System V3

A stainless steel spray system designed for use with Klercide biocides. The system is autoclavable and complies with the requirements of the Pressure Equipment Directive.


Klercide Isolator Cleaning Tool

Made from 316 stainless steel and fully autoclavable, the tool has a 600mm reach. It is sterilised by gamma irradiation and supplied double bagged. Designed for use with single use sterile cleaning pads which are supplied gamma irradiated and double bagged. Low particulate, single use, the pads are manufactured from 100% polyester.


Klercide Mopping Systems

Klercide double and triple bucket mopping systems are completely autoclavable, consisting of a stainless steel trolley with polymer castors, a single stainless steel wringer, buckets, and a stainless steel mop frame with handle.


Disposable Mopheads

The Klercide Flat Mop Frame is designed to be used with either sterile, disposable, 100% polyester or low particulate, flat mopheads, supplied gamma irradiated and double bagged. The Klercide Clean Mophead is supplied non-sterile for use in outer areas.


Klercide Mop Wipe Frames

The autoclavable Klercide Mop Wipe Frames are especially suitable for cleaning walls and floors. The Klercide Sterile Mop Wipe Frame features a lightweight, swivelling, flat mop designed to wipe into corners and is uni-directional. The extending handle makes it easy to reach high ceilings and can be adjusted from 1.0m to 1.5m long for ease of use. The sterile frame is supplied gamma irradiated and double bagged. Alternatively, if a stainless steel product is required, the Klercide Stainless Steel Mop Wipe Frame features a stiff moveable flat mop, with the option of adding a silicone pad for better access into uneven floors.

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