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Operator Test Kits

Our equipment aids effective and consistent training and monitoring using instant visual results which assists in mitigating risk. They are provided to support operators who work in controlled environments.


Klercide UV Validation Torch

The Klercide UV Validation Torch can be used in cleanrooms to highlight particles as small as 50 microns in size, facilitating a more thorough clean. It is the ideal tool for performing prompt assessment of the effectiveness of a cleaning session, highlighting any potential contamination risks and allowing immediate confirmation of contamination risk elimination.



The KlerReveal Operator Training Kit supports the training of operators in correct cleanroom techniques and processes by providing instant visual results. The simulated contamination is used to artificially contaminate a surface such as hands, gloves, surfaces and items used in transfer disinfection. Correct cleanroom techniques can then be demonstrated and tested by using the UV light and luminescence of any artificial contamination remaining.

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